Jewellery repairs

Is there a favourite bracelet or necklace in your jewellery box that you never wear anymore because its clasp is broken, or because it broke and you collected the beads together and told yourself you'd sort it out one day?

Or maybe you have a favourite pair of dangly earrings that you used to love but your ears have decided they're allergic to the earwires so you no longer wear them?

I can help you with that.

Over the years I've mended many items of jewellery for people. So often the jewellery pieces we love are from our youth, or were gifts from people who are no longer here. They might not be worth a lot money-wise but they are priceless nonetheless.

If you'd like me to mend a piece of jewellery for you, please do get in touch. I'm not a silversmith or goldsmith so I can't do things like setting stones, resizing rings or fancy workshop stuff like that, but if your item of jewellery is strung - made up of beads - or just needs a new clasp or earwires, then I can most probably sort it for you.

Please use the form below to get in touch about a jewellery repair and I'll email you back. Then you can send me a photo of the piece of jewellery and I can let you know if I can mend it and if so how much it'll cost.

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