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Bead Information

All of my beads are carefully annealed in a digitally controlled kiln, thoroughly cleaned and temporarily strung. They're just waiting to be turned into beautiful jewellery and other lovely things.

Although I have captured the beads' colours as best as I can, different screen and monitor settings vary and as such the colours of the beads may appear slightly different in real life than they do on your computer or device.

Unless otherwise stated, my beads are made on 1.6mm diameter mandrels. Allowing for bead release bulk and cleaning, this gives a finished hole diameter of approximately 2mm. 

Some of the beads are made to order and this can take a few days. Please see the individual bead descriptions for further details with regard to stock status or waiting-for-making times.

The beads that are made to order will not be available to order for long so it's best to purchase them now rather than later. This is because A) Making the same set of beads over and over is creatively draining for me so I tend to remove the ordering option before I start to hate the beads and/or B) The glass used for certain beads is limited in quantity so I can only make so many of them.

The best way of keeping up to date with news of new beads and jewellery is to follow my Instagram.

Please note that I do not take orders, undertake commissions or do remakes.


Terms, FAQs and Postage

Please see my Terms & FAQs page for payment and postage infomation.



My beads are glass and although each bead is carefully annealed, they are still glass and can break if improperly handled, dropped or hit against something hard. In the event of breakage, please discard immediately.

When wearing glass beads, please take care not to expose them to any situations that may cause them to break and be sure to protect them from impacts or extreme temperature changes.

My glass beads are not intended for use on or by children as they could present a choking hazard or break with inappropriate handling.