'Aglow' in Making Jewellery

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'Making Jewellery' Magazine

I have a bead project in issue 83 of Making Jewellery magazine. I show you how to make this Japanese-lantern-inspired 'Aglow' bead.

'Aglow' Lampwork Bead

The project also shows you how I turn the bead into a necklace and there are also details for a matching bangle and earrings.

Issue 83 of Making Jewellery magazine is in the shops now.

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  1. Penny

    Hi Laura, your beads are absolutely gorgeous. I've probably looked at your videos 25 times each and did the encased bead today at the shop I go to, however, sad to say I messed up the interior bead but I encased it beautifully. LOL. I'm not discouraged though and intend to get to that ah ha moment soon. Love your work ... its easy to follow and you explain it so well. Thanks for teaching bead making.

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